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School Advisory Council

Members of the School Advisory Council

Advisory Council Chair Steve O’Brien
Treasurer Amor Uy
Secretary Mel O’Leary
Parish Representative Amor Uy
Board Members Magodi Sakala
Ex Officio Members Fr Vinh Dong
Chris Lamb
Tim Maxwell
Nic Bigwood


Advisory Council Meetings

  • There are approximately 8 meetings per year, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • All meetings are closed meetings, meaning only members of the Board, the Principal and the Parish Priest or specially invited guests are able to attend as much of the content is sensitive in nature and thus confidential.
  • The AGM is an open meeting and all members of the school community are welcome to attend, including parents and staff.

The Role of the Advisory Council

  • Acts as a support and ‘sounding board’ for the Principal.
  • Advises the Principal regarding school financial matters, such as financial performance against budget, sustainability and recurrent and capital funding.
  • Endorses the Principal’s annual school budget (including tuition fees and charges) before submission to CECWA for approval.
  • Provides panel membership on Principal appointment recommendation, in accordance with CECWA policy.
  • Provides planning and development advice to the Principal on meeting the present and future needs of the school’s students.
  • Disseminates information within the school community.